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 Post subject: Meet the 2008 Officer Corps
PostPosted: Fri May 02, 2008 3:31 pm 
Alpine Garrison Cadet
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Cadet 1st Class

Joined: March 30, 2004
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Location: Bluffdale
2008 Alpine Garrison Executive Council

Back row: Vaughn, David, Mike, Shawn, Erin, Kevin, Erik, Tara
Middle row: Dave, Jared, Willy
Front row: Doug, Ted

2008 Garrison Command Officers:

Commanding Officer - David Nichols
Star Wars has always been a big part of my life. From the first time I saw the Star Destroyer come on to the screen in “A New Hope” I was hooked. I think I saw the movie at least 50 times in the theaters. It got to the point my mom stopped asking me what movie I was going to when I told her me and the guys were headed to the mall to catch a flick! Growing up I was a fan of the Lone Ranger, Bewitched, westerns, horror movies, Science Fiction (Space 1999, Star Trek, BSG), and war movies. I was your average kid next door. I spent as much time outside as I most possibly could. I developed an avid imagination and could turn a simple stick into an M1 Garande or a broadsword or a lightsaber or a wizard’s staff in the blink of an eye. I loved reading. I read Louis L’Amour, JRR Tolkien, Clive Cussler. I didn’t love school, but I did well. I had great friends and a wonderful family!!

I found the garrison a few years ago. My first interaction with the garrison was to help Mike on a location shoot for his film. It is where I got the moniker “waterboi”. Within a couple of months I was in armor and trooping like I was a 10 year old in the back yard playing with my Star Wars figures. I am lucky to be the commanding officer this year, and I look forward to growing our numbers and getting to know you better.

Executive Officer - Erin HughesMy name is Erin Hughes, but you can call me ondiv. I come from a family of 5, two parents and two brothers. I'm the middle child so that should explain my insaneness. My family moved to Utah in 1992 from Oakton, Virginia which is a suburb of Washington, D.C. While I love Utah I still claim myself to be an East Coast girl. I became a member of the 501st Legion in December 2004, just two months after signing onto the Alpine Garrison message boards.

I have been working out of a private office in South Jordan as a personal assistant to a business woman for the past 3.5 years. I am currently attending UVU in Orem, Utah and plan to graduate with a degree in Digital Media.

I love the Alpine Garrison so much. I love what we do, what we represent, and who we are. The membership of the Alpine Garrison are my brothers, sisters and my dear friends.

Mustafar Squad Leader - Ted Shifler
I am 32 years old, married to a 21 year old (lucky me) I have 3 children, all girls. I am currently working and attending school in Law Enforcement.
I have been a fan of Star Wars all of my life, I remember seeing Ep. V and VI in the theatre (I was at Ep IV, but was only a year old.)
My father got all of the kids hooked by dressing up as Vader and going to BYU football games in costume.

I have been dressing up as Darth Maul since Ep I came out, and joined the garrison after meeting Doug at the Ep II release.

2008 Garrison Administrative Officers:

Garrison Secretary - Kevin Scott

Garrison Financial Officer - David Pittman
So you want to know more about me. Well if you want a more detailed verison of this go check out the first garrison news letter. Theres a story in there about me. I'm married with 2 kids: Monica, my wife, who I am still trying to motivate to get a costume, Bailee, age 6, loves to come out to most of the events and Lauren, 9 months. We live up in Hooper. I work for Deloitte, a global CPA firm in SLC. I travel all over the valley to my clients who I help prepare financial statements for each year. The one bonus to my job is the annual trip I make to do some work for BYU-Hawaii. I love that place.

I have been with the garrison for a bit over 2 years. I found the garrison/legion during the Rose Bowl Parade 2 years ago. I have always had a special place as all of us do for Star Wars. I did get to see all of the original episodes in the theaters as a kid and fell in love with them instantly. My current Star Wars project is my RotJ Boba Fett. It will be a slow process. I really want to make this a great costum.

When I'm not doing work or garrison things, I really like to be playing golf or camping with the family. I'm a huge hockey fan and have been cheering on the Pittsburgh Penguins since I was about 16. I'm so excited on how they are doing this year in the playoffs. Go Pens! Well thats just a little bit about me. Hope to see alot of you this year at events.

Garrison Membership Liason - Willy Morriss
Hello Alpine Garrison!!! Well to tell you all the truth I hate to do the "Tell us about yourself" paragraphs So for my ease I figured I would just ancer a few questions:

1)What do you do when vending machines steal your money? fist i hit the change return thinking that it might give the $ back then I hit the machine and then I go try to get my $$ back
2)Do you consider yourself kind? I do but I am not always sure if that is the way others see me.
3)If you had to get a tattoo, where would it be? I have a tattoo and its on my left upper arm, its the Imperial cog with my 501st # .. under it with a blue aura around it. another Tattoo that I know I want to get some day will be on my right upper arm(most likely a half sleeve) of a Western style dragon wrapped around my arm..I just have to find a dragon that speaks to me and I want to have on my arm.
4)If you could be fluent in any other language(s), what would it be? American Sign Language and Japaneses
5)What do you consider a vacation? Camping up in the hills with some good friends for good times.
6)Would you move for the person you loved? Only if it was true love.... yes I do believe in True Love
7)Do you believe that opposites attract? Yin and Yang, Good and Evil, Jedi and Sith, they all have to be there for the world to work.. you cant have one with out the other.
8)Dream job? Actor on Broadway (What didn't ya know this boy can act??)
9)Favorite channel(s)? when I could watch them Discovery, Cartoon Network, Spike,and HBO for movies.
10)Showers or Baths? Shower.... it just feels better
11)Do you paint your nails? no....*looks around* who told you that..truth is I have painted my nails but for Halloween
12)What are your phobias? I really don't have any.. I don't mind spiders or snakes.. I like the dark... I like roller coasters....so nope
13)Do you want kids? Yes.. I have had allot of people comment on how good I am with kids.. I think I Will be a great dad..
14)What makes you feel warm and safe? having a lovely young woman hold me tight knowing that she wants to be there.
15)Have you been burned by love? Ya..several times. But I know that one of these times Ill get it right.
16)What's your life motto? Never Assume. (I am sure you all know the rest)
17)Name three things you have on you at all times? My Tattoo, My 501st Dog tags, and my wallet
18)How tall are you barefoot? 6'2 and a bit
19)Worst injury you've ever had? Broke my middle finger between two football helmets (mine and another players)... remind me to show it to you some time
20)What song do you want played at your funeral? "Another one Bites the Dust" umm... maybe "Angles Among Us" by Alabama

Garrison Webmaster - Mike Handy
I first saw Star Wars in May 1977 when I was six years old. Ever since then I have been hooked on all things related to that galaxy "far, far away." I began collecting Star Wars paraphernalia in my youth and still have many of those items in my collection today. In 1981, I made my first Star Wars themed fanfilm on a "Super 8mm" movie camera.

In January 1997, I camped out on the cold streets of Provo to be among the first to see the Special Edition of "A New Hope." A few months later while reading TheForce.net, I came across the new fanfilm "Troops." I remember thinking to myself, "Where in the world did those guys get Stormtrooper armor?!" From that point, I was on a quest to obtain some armor for myself. Finding info on obtaining armor in 1997 was difficult at best. Through AltaVista I was able to find "Detention Block 2551" and other Trooper websites with photos of people in their armor. In early 1998, I discovered the Wookiee Cantina(later renamed Galaxy Trading) and got to know Dale Mattson. By fall 1998, I had purchased my first set of Trooper armor.

The first time I wore my armor in public was at the "107.5 The End" Episode I costume contest at the Pleasant Grove Water Gardens theater in May 1999. At the party, I was quite surprised to see three other Stormtroopers there. It was the 725th Strategic Insertion Company. Allen Turner approached me that night and gave me one of their contact cards.

By Summer 1999, I was already building up my costume collection in preparation for my own fanfilm called "Tomb of the Jedi." In August 2001, I started the Provo Fanforce in order to meet other fans, recruit for my fanfilm, and put on costuming events. During this time, I organized several costume events including 4 "Star Wars Halloweens"(1999-2002) and the Episode I DVD Release at the Orem Media Play(October 2001).

In December 2001, my wife and I moved to Seattle, Washington. One of the first things I did when I got there was join up with Garrison Titan. I was fortunate enough to Troop several events with this great bunch of guys including doing a Wizards of the Coast photo shoot for the Star Wars RPG.

We moved back to Utah in late October 2002 and I immediately hooked up with the 725th. My first event after getting back was the "Toys for Tots" appearance on the "Good Things Utah" show for ABC 4. A couple of days later, AlpineGarrison.com was born on December 19, 2002. In January 2003, after a business meeting at Allen's place, we voted to abide by the 501st Charter and officially became the Alpine Garrison.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my years in the Alpine Garrison and love to associate with all of the amazing members. Outside of Trooping, I have been employed fulltime as a Senior Linux System Administrator since 1996. My wife and I live with our five year old daughter in Lehi, Utah.

Garrison Web Liason - Jared Peters
In the summer of 1977 there I was standing outside the old Center Theater in downtown Slat Lake City with my family waiting to see a movie that was destined to change my life forever.
Few things in life have such a great impact on a young man’s mind as the open scenes of that movie had upon mine at that time. Seeing the embodiment of movie evil stride onto the screen filled my heart and mind with grand visions and sparked all kinds of imaginations.
That was the day that Star Wars entered my life and I began my journey to the Dark Side of the Force.

The next few years my life would be filled with action figures, bed sheets, t-shirts, buttons, pins, posters, costume parts, masks and delusions of grandeur! When my older brother came to possess one of the first available Darth Vader masks I was quick to beg my Dad to help me become a Stormtrooper. We had all kinds of fun with our new costumes from the Empire! Years passed and two more influential movies came out, even some television shows come around, but I’m still trying to forget some of those.

Jump ahead a few years and a young lady came along to steal my heart away, but try as she might (if she did try) there was a part of me that still belonged to the Empire and Gotham City.

She agreed to marry me and we were living a happy life! We had two beautiful daughters and things were going good for us. Then one day news came to me that soon we would be seeing “Darth Vader – the early years!” A flood came back into my mind full of the wonderment and awe that took me to that galaxy far, far away when I was but a boy.

Then there was that day that, upon reading through my new issue of the Star Wars insider, that I found the second part of my destiny. A little article about another “geek” like me named Albin Johnson! Seems he and some of his friends had gotten themselves some nice Stormtrooper armor and decided to try and hook up with others across the USA that shared their love for the forces of the Empire.

I was quick to get in touch with Albin and find out how I could join up with his newly formed club called “The 501st Stormtrooper Legion.”
That’s how I came to the Legion and the Garrison before we were a Garrison!

About me as a person, well I enjoy drawing and wood working. I also like working with computers and all that technical stuff. I like to kick back and play a good video game from time to time. Or just watch a great movie! But above it all, I like being with my wife and kids, no matter what we are doing.

The source of income to feed my family and my new costuming addiction is that of Visual Media Specialist for L-3 Communications. That means if someone there needs a logo designed, poster made, presentation spiffed up, animation made, photos taken, video camera-man, or killer graphics created, I’m on the team they go to. I’ve become more and more involved in the 3D animation end of the video production world and have really enjoyed doing that for various parts of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Garrison Public Relations Officer - Shawn Gordon

Garrison Quartermaster - Erik Sevy
For months my bedroom walls were plastered with Star Wars posters, magazine cut-outs, and any other print material I could find to satisfy myself until this day. Star Wars was finally coming to our local theater and my parents expected me to go to school and concentrate, knowing that they would be waiting afterwards to pick me up and take me to the local premier of Star Wars!?! The line was awe-inspiring. It started that day. I was hooked on the total movie premier experience- from standing in line for hours (sometimes days), to waiting for the lights to dim at “show time”, to discussing the movie in the parking lot afterwards. It culminated at the premier of Episode III when we waited in line for 5 days, and had our hand-picked seats saved by an usher and velvet ropes. My Vader started as a half-hearted Halloween costume with no thought of it lasting more than that night until my mother (a retired seamstress), two local electricians and a saddle maker got involved. As they were busy replicating pieces, one morning I saw a bunch of geeks on the local news called the Alpine Garrison. I was so excited to see the 501st had a charter in Utah and that it wasn’t exclusive to just stormtroopers. Since then our family has added more costumes, each with a sentimental story behind it, and have made a family commitment to make 1,000,000 kids smile. My favorite day under the black bucket came when I got to take pictures with an 8 day old baby and a 101 year old lady within minutes of each other. I call myself “Orthodox Star Wars”, that being if it isn’t from the mind of George Lucas it really isn’t Star Wars, just someone making a buck off his idea. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to share this hobby in a constructive way through charities, school events and other places where kids are being helped. Outside of Star Wars I have played football at various levels, competed nationally in Olympic-style weightlifting, and I am a certified official in 17 different sports. Most of all I just like hanging out with my kids and watching them grow and experience the same situations I did at their ages to see how their approach to life differs from mine.

The rest is history and continues to be written…

Garrison Armorer - Doug Atwood
I was born and raised right here in Idaho Falls. I have an associate degree in Electronic Service Technology, but haven't used the "electronics" side of it professionally since the day I graduated waaaay back in 1991. I've been a computer/I.T. professional all of my adult life. I've worked as a PC technician, network administrator/consultant, and Cisco Administrator. I spent 7 years teaching Computer Networking Technologies at Eastern Idaho Technical College. I'm currently employed at Melaleuca here in Idaho Falls, where I was recently promoted to Help Desk Manager.

I'm a single father of two boys, who troop with us often (although they keep outgrowing costumes dang it!). They live with me about 99.99999% of the time.

I love 80s rock (yes hair-bands). Def Leppard is my all-time favorite (seen 'em 4 times). Other favs include Bon Jovi, Van Halen, Poison, Great White, Europe, and Queensryche.

I first saw STAR WARS in 1979 when my dad took my brother Gary and I to see it at a local drive-in theater, and have been a fan ever since.

I became interested/involved in replica Star Wars props in 1999, just before Episode I premiered. I bought a piece of pipe at Home Depot one day and took after it with a dremel tool, creating my first crude attempt at replicating Luke's saber from ANH. It was all downhill from there.

I first became "involved" with the Garrison in 2003, when I met Shane and Shawn Gordon, and soon after that I met Mark Fordham. I bought my TK armor in 2004, and here I am!

Garrison Armorer - Tara Buck

Garrison Historian - Vaughn Cavendar
I am the Garrison Historian and I am married to my high school sweetheart that I have known for over 25yrs. I am retired from the military where I spent 21yrs as a combat meddic now I work as a police/fire dispatcher and 911 operator. I came into the Garrison after they came to my military retirement ceremony. On Star Wars I saw episode 4 in the theaters in 1977 and was there every Fri,Sat,Sun from 1st showing to last showing. The highlight is I saw it once at the Chinese theater in Hollywood.

Yours in service to the Garrison and the Empire!

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