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 Post subject: Legion message boards in transition
PostPosted: Sun Jun 26, 2005 1:27 pm 
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To all 501st members, the Legion is transitioning the Yahoo groups to a message board system (like we have here). Here is a condensed update from the Legion webmaster:

For those of you who have not heard, the Legion Council has voted on and approved the formation of a 501st Forum Team to develop a new message forum that would replace the need for various Yahoo Groups and EZ Boards for Legionwide communications.

Some of the new features include:
-Choice of e-mail or web-based message posting (this means you can
actually "post" to the board even if you never "go" to the board!)
-Digest modes (you decide which topics to watch and when you want
them sent to you)
-Secure forum for 501st members only (no more prying eyes on EZBoard)
-Private messaging
-Easier reading through better organization of topics and enhanced
search functions
-National and regional Events Forums (no chit-chat, get just the facts!)
-Secure forums for Legion Admin groups such as Web Liaisons,
Membership Liaisons, and Officers
-Legion Merchandise Forum (never miss out on 501st Merchandise again!)
-Integrated GWL upload tool to streamline getting member photos on
501st.com (GWLs only)
-Polling features
-Comprehensive/sortable member list complete with TKID, Garrison/Outpost affiliation, web links, e-mail and username
-and last but not least, a hard-working 501st Forum Team constantly
monitoring a Support, Suggestions and Feedback forum to keep the site
running smoothly at all times!

Please note that at this time Garrison/Outpost communications should
still take place on local message boards. This includes local event
planning. Once details are finalized, your Garrison CO or appointed member will be able to post the event information on the Legion Forum to inform neighboring Garrisons and other interested parties.


When it is time to officially move to the new forum, each Legion member will need to sign up and will only be activated if their information
matches the info listed in the 501st.com database. The most important
thing to realize is that to keep the new forum secure from the general public, your WORKING e-mail address must match the address listed in the 501st database at the time of registration. If it doesn't, we can't verify
your identity as a 501st member and you will be denied access. Just go to 501st.com and look yourself up under the Members link. If your e-mail is outdated, please contact your GML (Garrison Membership Liaison) and have them update your information in the database. Remember that we can mark your e-mail private (invisible) in the database, but you still need to have it registered.

That concludes this new Legion Forum update. Troop on!

TK899, Legion Webmaster

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