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 Post subject: 2017 Alpine Garrison Operating Protocols
PostPosted: Tue Dec 12, 2017 10:59 pm 
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2017 Alpine Garrison Operating Protocols

Adopted: October 2017

The purposes of the Alpine Garrison Operating Protocols (AGOP) are:
- To ensure alignment with the Legion Charter and the Legion Operating Protocols [Links to be inserted].
- To ensure simplicity and ease of adherence for Alpine Garrison’s troopers.
- To better align with the generally adopted Operating Protocols of Garrisons in the Alpine Garrison (AG) trooping
- To modernize prior documents and adopt the AGOP while incorporating best practices.
- The AGOP will replace prior addendums, operations documents, rules, regulations, etc.

- CO: Local Garrison Commanding Officer
- XO: Local Garrison Executive Officer
- GML: Local Garrison Member Liaison
- GPRO: Local Garrison Public Relations Officer
- MBO: Local Garrison Merchandise and Branding Officer
- GWM: Local Garrison Webmaster
- GWL: Local Garrison Web Liaison
- GFO: Local Garrison Financial Officer
- CS: Command Staff
- GEC: Local Garrison Events Coordinator
- CoG: Local Garrison Captains of the Guard


- Any revisions will require:
o Submissions to Command Staff.
o Review and approval by majority vote by Command Staff.
o Command Staff approved revisions will be submitted to the Garrison for voting on incorporation to the
o Command Staff reserves the right to request Q&A / discussions to be held on Legion Forums.
▪ Approved/eligible, troopers in good standing are eligible to vote as per Legion Operating

- Revisions approved by a majority vote by Alpine Garrison membership will be added to the AGOP, to be made
effective immediately.

1. Garrison Governing Documents
As a regional chapter of the 501st Legion, members of the Alpine Garrison are primarily governed by the Legion Charter,
its Operating Protocols and directives from Legion Command. The Alpine Garrison Operating Protocol (AGOP) serves to
address operations specific to Alpine Garrison that are not covered in the Legion Charter or the Legion Operating
Protocols. All 501st and non-501st participants are held to the standards of conduct in the Legion Charter and the Alpine

Garrison Operating Protocols.
The Alpine Garrison is an inclusive, equal-opportunity fan club and will not tolerate
discrimination on the grounds of gender, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, political or religious affiliation.

1.1 Troopers will not be discriminated, nor dissuaded from costumes based on age, body type, weight,
height. Guidance will be provided as necessary, by the GML. This subject to the approval and discretion of CS *prior* to
work with the recruit.

2. Garrison Leadership:
Alpine Garrison leadership structure will follow the Legion Charter, section 1.6.1

2.1. The CO may call additional officers as needed.
- The CO will notify the membership of the intent to call additional officers

2.2. Special Teams and Committees: the CO may call special committees and teams at any time to meet the
needs of the Garrison. Committee and team members are appointments and are not considered to be officers.
Committees and teams may be dissolved at any time at the discretion of the CO/XO.

2.3 The Garrison Web Master will hold a non-voting seat on Command Staff and serves at the discretion of the

3. Garrison Elections & Voting
Alpine Garrison will follow the Legion Operating Protocols, Section 3.

3.1 Command Staff reserves the right to request Q&A to be held on Legion Forums.

4. Garrison Organization
Alpine Garrison leadership structure will follow the Legion Operational Protocols, section 5

4.1 Alpine Garrison’s current territories cover the state of Utah.

5. Garrison Membership Definitions
Alpine Garrison membership requirements will follow the Legion Operational Protocols, section 2. At the time of this
AGOP, the official Legion year is Census to Census. AGOP will follow said calendar.

5.1 Alpine Garrison recognizes a recruit: (Adult Pre-Membership) as a registered forum user whom:
- is 18 years or older
- lives within the Garrison boundaries; - who owns and is currently working on a qualifying 501st
costume of the quality required by Legion standards
- who is in the process of making a decision on a costume
- A recruit may also be referred to as a Cadet
- The term Cadet, in this AGOP replaces the legacy definition of cadet (a person 18 or under)

5.2. Alpine Garrison recognizes several types of Non-Members: as contributor to the Garrison that do not wish
to participate in costume. The following categories will identify Non-Members in the Alpine Garrison:
- Supporter: is a registered forum user who:
- Wishes to post information on the Garrison's message boards and interact with members
- Does not qualify for membership based on the fact that they do not wish to participate in
Garrison activities in costume
- Does not have, or wish to have, a qualifying costume.
- Visitor: is a registered forum user who:
- Wishes to post information on the Garrison's message boards and interact with members;
- Does not qualify for membership based on residency; and/or
- Does not wish to have a qualifying costume or participate officially in Garrison activities
The only requirements for visitors are to provide the minimum information asked for to register and
agree to adhere to the posting rules and regulations outlined on the Garrison boards.

5.3 Alpine Garrison recognizes Special Garrison Memberships as:

5.3.1 Garrison Honorary Member:
- The Alpine Garrison recognizes that significant contributions and support can be made by
people who are not interested in, or not eligible for, membership in the Garrison or the Legion.
Therefore, the Garrison provides for an Honorary Membership, which helps the Garrison to recognize
these individuals, their contributions, and serves to express our gratitude and association with them.
- A name can be submitted for Honorary Membership by any member of the Garrison
(including Recruits). All submissions should include a citation of the reason(s) the
candidate deserves Honorary Membership. The submission is made to the GML (or
designee). The GML will present the name and accompanying citation to the Officers for
a vote. Honorary Membership must be approved by a plus-one majority vote of the
Garrison Officers. Once approved, Honorary Membership should be officially bestowed
in a manner befitting the honoree. Honorary Members enjoys all of the privileges of
Recruit status, including access to Garrison Members Only forums.

5.3.2 Emeritus Status: circumstances may arise where a 501st member must move out of the Alpine
Garrison’s boundaries. Where this member wishes to maintain a continued association with the
Garrison, 'Emeritus Status' may be granted at the discretion of the CO/XO.
- A member can be nominated for Emeritus Status by any active member of the Garrison,
including the departing member themselves. The nomination should be submitted to the GML.
The GML will present the name to the Officers for a vote. Emeritus Status must be approved by
a plus-one majority vote of the Garrison Officers. Emeritus Members enjoy all of the privileges
of Recruit status, including access to Garrison Members Only forums.

5.3.3 Revocation of Emeritus Status and/or Honorary Member Status must be voted on by the current
command staff and receive a unanimous vote of approval
- Upon successful vote by CS to revoke ‘emeritus status’, a notification must be posted to the
general membership for information purposes, and comments should be solicited
- After a period of 2 weeks, if no dissention is made, the status is officially revoked and said
revocation is to be recorded in the Garrison system of record

6. Event Classification
Due the absence of event definition and classification in either the Legion Charter, nor the Legion Operating Protocols,
Alpine Garrison will define events in the AGOP. At such time when the Legion Charter or the Legion Operating Protocol
supplies event definition or classification, said charter/protocols will supersede the AGOP.

6.1 Definitions

6.1.1 Event/Troop: A request for an appearance at a private or public event where Garrison and/or
Legion members are representing the Garrison or Legion in or out of costume.

6.1.2 Sponsor/Requestor/Host/Organizer: The person(s), organization, group requesting an event.

6.1.3 Point of Contact/Event Coordinator: The AG representative, whom has been selected to represent
AG as the representative/intermediary on-site representative to the organizer.
- The Coordinator is responsible for all communications amongst Host, troopers and handlers.
- The Coordinator must be an active AG member, in good standing.
- The Coordinator shall not delegate responsibilities to a cadet
- The Coordinator will not be in armor during initial contact with Organizer,
- After initial arrangements are made, the Coordinator may suit up
- The Coordinator can delegate communications to another member if vision/hearing
become impaired due to the costume
- Soft costumes are acceptable.

6.1.4 Handler/Spotter: The person(s) tasked with the safety and well-being of the troopers in costume as
well as with the safety of the general public when around the troopers.

6.1.5 Out of State Events must follow the same requirements as local events

6.1.6 Media Events
- Definitions
- Any event, performance, broadcast, outside the event venue
- Any event where AG is the focus for media outlets
- Broadcast, TV, podcast, Stage, Print, Radio event
- High Profile, VIP event
- Interaction with Media Guests
- Interaction with VIPs
- Interaction with Convention Sponsors
- Will be organized solely by CO/XO and delegated at their discretion
- Troopers/coordinators are expected and required to forward requests of this nature to CS for

6.2 Event requirements

Definitions An event is a request that meets the AG profile as determined by the current CS Is an approved request that is posted a minimum of 72 hours on the AG event
posting/tracking mechanism; this at the discretion of CS Is a request that is open to all eligible troopers unless otherwise requested by the event
sponsor; this at the discretion of CS Must meet the Minimum Staff Requirement (MSR) due to safety and liability concerns.
Events without the MSR may not be approved; this at the discretion of CS Minimum staff requirements (MSR)
- A minimum of 2 troopers/handlers are required (costumed or not)
- Ideally, each event should have at least one non-costumed, or soft costumed
- If time does not permit an event to be sufficiently reviewed, the Senior Trooper on
location (determined by date of awarded Legion ID) has the responsibility to contact a
member of Command Staff and seek further guidance.
-If member safety is ever in question, the appearance will be immediately cancelled, and
the event coordinator will notify the host of our situation.
-Spotters and non-helmeted costumers from sister-clubs (Rebel Legion, MM, LSG) can
be utilized as spotters to meet the 2-person requirement.
- If no non-helmeted members from sister-clubs are present, Alpine Garrison members
are directed to contact a member of Command Staff and seek further guidance.
-If no members of Command Staff can be contacted, the appearance is pre-directed to
be cancelled as a potential safety risk, and the event coordinator notified to contact the
host Troopers, handlers, honorary members, recruits/cadets, “Emeritus Status” members
found in violation of these rules and guidelines will be subject to disciplinary actions up to and
including ejection from the Legion and/or prevention from joining the Legion. ALL events are to be screened by CS prior to posting on AG forums/website. This is
designed to prevent confusion and unnecessary churn on events that do not meet the profile of
AG as well as to ensure the event is within Legion acceptable events and safety guidelines.

6.3 Event participation/credit:
- Troopers/handlers must sign up prior to events; this at the discretion of CS
- The official book of record will be the forum/website for Tour of Duty purposes
- Facebook events are solely for convenience/communications purposes only
- Out of state events: trooper must present full body, in armor, bucket on, bucket off picture at said
event to receive event participation credit, this at the discretion of CS
- Photographic evidence will only be required when the trooper is working solo
- “One in Universe Characters” will be subject to seniority policy
- Exceptions at the discretion of CS

6.4 Seniority policy
Due the absence of a definition for seniority within either the Legion Charter, nor the Legion Operating Protocols, Alpine
Garrison will define a seniority policy in the AGOP. At such time when the Legion Charter or the Legion Operating
Protocol supplies a definition of and operational guidelines for seniority, said Legion level charter/protocols will
supersede the AGOP.

6.4.1 Purpose
- This policy is designed to provide equity to all eligible troopers, regardless of time in Alpine
Garrison, and to reward active participation.

6.4.2 The seniority will be calculated by a point system to consist of earned points for years of service
(with a cap) plus earned points for event participation.

6.4.3 Methodology
Eligible members in good standing with the Legion will receive points as follows (point for time
- Member 1-3 years: 1 point
- Member 3-5 years: 2 points
- Member 5+ years: 3 points
- Each costumed event participation will earn 1 point
- Costumed event points will be cumulative and not based on costume
- Example TK-007 attends as TK to event a: 1 point
- TK-007 then attends as a TD to event b: 1 point
- TK-007 earned 2 points

- Event points must have been earned within the prior 6 months to count towards seniority
- Seniority = Points for time served + event points

6.4.4 Seniority tracking
- Tracking will be performed in a centralized spreadsheet available to all eligible troopers
- Seniority will be tracked by CS, events are up to the trooper to replicate over to the
- This method can be revised as technology permits

6.5 Incidental and personal use of your costume
- Personal use of your costume is not considered an event.
- Standard Legion rules of conduct apply when using costumes for incidental and personal events

6.6 AGOP will make provisions for members whom are serving religious missions and will retain their seniority
and their full active membership status until their return.

7. Garrison Merchandising and Promotional Standards
Alpine Garrison Merchandising and Promotional standards will follow the Legion Operational Protocol, section 4

7.1 All AG promotional material and merchandise is subject to approval by the CO/XO not only for production
thereof, but for dissemination of, regardless of format.

7.2 In keeping with Legion Merchandise Standards, all IP submitted for merchandise, promotional materials,
trading cards for example (not limited to) become the intellectual property of the Garrison and the Legion.

8. Disciplinary Actions
Alpine Garrison will follow the Legion Charter article X and the Legion Operational Protocol, section 1

8.1 For all local disciplinary issues concerning non-501st members (to include recruits and handlers), the Legion
standards will be adhered to.

9. Inter-club Relations
Alpine Garrison will follow the lead set by the Legion at the direction of Disney and LFL.

10. Local financial policies
Alpine Garrison will operate as per Attachment I to the AGOP.

11. Local Social Media Policy
Alpine Garrison will operate as per Attachment II to the AGOP

12. Trooper/Handler Code of Conduct
Alpine Garrison will adhere to the Legion Operations Protocol, section 1

12.1 AGOP local practices

12.1.1 Stay in character appropriate to the costume you are in
- Some events will lend themselves to alternate behavior such as parades or direct
interaction with children

12.1.2 Please do not add “real life” accessories while in costume at an event (examples but not limited

- Cell phones
- Purses/bags

12.1.3 Keep a “family friendly” approach (examples but not limited to)
- Absolutely NO alcohol at an event while in costume
- Do not allow your character to be photographed with alcohol (drinking, holding, etc.)
- Alcohol use prior to a costumed event is highly discouraged for safety reasons

12.1.4 While in view of the public, please stay in full costume
- Examples of exceptions are (but not limited to)
- You become ill
- Your safety is compromised
- The safety of those around you is compromised
- Law enforcement asks you to remove your costume/bucket
- Immediate attention for an issue is required and armor is limitation
- An emergency scenario

12.2 Weapons
Alpine Garrison will follow the instructions set forth by the event organizer.
12.2.1 Additional guidelines
- Do not point or aim your weapon at a member of the public, even if they ask
- Be sure to exercise trigger discipline (keep it flat along the trigger, rather than on the trigger)
- Do not hand your weapon to the public

13. Trooper recognition

Alpine Garrison will implement Trooper recognition programs as outlined in Attachment III

Attachment I: Financial Policies

The Garrison will establish and maintain a centralized PayPal account for handling of funds. This account will be passed
on from CO to CO as command changes. The incumbent CO is responsible for changing the security credentials on DAY
ONE of their term. The CO will select a minimum of one alternate CS member to hold the current credentials, and will
document the alternate on the forums. This includes working with prior CO to ensure all sensitive information (phone
numbers, email addresses, home/business information, to name a few) is updated to reflect those of the incumbent CO.
Documents to be held in a centralized repository, available to all member of Alpine Garrison. Technology to be selected
by CS. Any DONOR, STAKEHOLDER, GOVERNMENT AGENCY and DONOR PROSPECT (i.e., individual or organization who
is interested in making a gift to the garrison and has been vetted as such by CS) has the right to review the finances to
ensure that their current or potential gift (be it a gift of cash, financial securities or in-kind gifts) to the organization is
either being currently used or will be used in compliance with donor intent.

The Alpine Garrison PayPal account email address is: CO@AlpineGarrison.com

1. Donations
1.1. All Garrison donations are to be sent in to the Garrison PayPal account
1.1.1. Donations to be sent as “family and friends”
1.1.2. Donations to be clearly earmarked as “donation”
1.2. Cash/check donations
1.2.1. When possible, donations are to be sent electronically, if a cash donation is made, TWO command staff
members must validate, with one member-at- large verifying funds count
1.2.2. CO or XO to convert cash or check to electronic funds within 5 business days of receipt of donation
1.2.3. CO or XO to follow standard electronic funds donation process

2. Expenses
2.1. REIMBURSEMENTS: All Garrison reimbursements will be handled via PayPal
2.1.1. Exceptions as deemed necessary, must be approved by three current CS members, CO and XO, with the
third at the CO’s discretion
2.1.2. Requester must send a money request to the Garrison PayPal account with a statement of funds use
2.1.3. Money request sent is an agreement that funds will be used solely for the purposes expressed
2.1.4. Requester must supply receipts for expenses If the requester fails to supply original and unaltered receipts for expenses, the responsibility
and financial accountability falls back to the requester; the requester will be financially held liable for
monetary reimbursements back to AG

2.1.5. Requests must be documented on AG forums, to include receipts
2.1.6. No receipt, no reimbursement
2.1.7. No reimbursement to be made unless a minimum of 2 CS members approve prior to reimbursement
2.2. Prepayments: All Garrison prepayments will be handled via PayPal
2.2.1. Exceptions as deemed necessary, must be approved by three current CS members
2.2.2. Requestor must submit request 3 business days in advance
2.2.3. Requestor must document need/ estimates to include +/- estimates
2.2.4. Requests must be documented on AG forums
2.2.5. No prepayment to be made unless a minimum of 2 CS members approve in advance

3. Garrison merchandise runs
3.1. Merch runs to be handled via the Garrison PayPal account

4. Reporting
4.1. The Garrison Financial Officer will be responsible for the reporting, with the CO and XO as back ups
4.1.1. A PDF of the prior month’s transactions will be produced and placed on the forum for the common Alpine
members to be able to view
4.1.2. Sensitive information will be redacted as appropriate
4.2. Any member, cadet can request an ad-hoc audit of the Garrison finances
4.2.1. If issues are discovered, a member at large panel will be called for and an audit process initiated
4.2.2. The panel will include both Full Legion Members and Alpine Garrison Cadets to maintain transparency
4.2.3. Audit results to be publicly posted on forums
4.2.4. Resolution planning will be the responsibility of the GFO/CO/XO unless they are implicated in the audit

5. Change of command
5.1. The outbound CO will produce a Garrison state of the finances PDF one week prior to the last day of their term,
positing it on the forums
5.2. It is the responsibility of the outbound CO to provide the incumbent CO with the credentials to the PayPal
5.2.1. If the transfer of credentials does not occur, it is the responsibility of the incumbent CO to advise the
Legion Captains of the Guard of the situation for consideration
5.3. The incumbent CO is required to change the credentials on DAY ONE of their term
5.4. The incumbent CO will produce a Garrison state of the finances PDF no later than ONE week of their start of
term, posting it on the forums
5.4.1. If the state of finances disclosure not occur, it is the responsibility of the prior CO to advise the Legion
Captains of the Guard of the situation for consideration

6. Handling of cash donations for charities
6.1. An authorized representative for the charity must be present at ALL times while collection boxes are available
to the public
6.1.1. It is incumbent on Alpine Garrison to ensure that at least one member of CS is an authorized
representative for the recipient charity
6.1.2. In lieu of 6.1.1, an authorized representative for a sister club will suffice
6.2. Each collection box will have an assigned manager to ensure the safety of the funds
6.3. At the end of the collection period a count shall be performed as follows:
6.3.1. Minimum attendees for the count: If multi club, a representative of each club to be present for counting The Authorized Representative AG’s Garrison Financial Officer (if possible)
6.3.2. The cash is to be counted within view of all of the above
6.3.3. The cash is to be counted three times by three different representatives from list i
6.3.4. The final count is to be recorded on a receipt (2 copies)
6.3.5. The receipts are to be signed by all present for the count
6.3.6. The cash and a copy of the signed receipt are to be handed to the authorized representative
6.3.7. Announcements of total tally are to be announced to the various clubs at the discretion of the CS

Attachment II: Social Media Policy

AG and the 501 st Legion believe in open communication and troopers are encouraged to tell the world about our hobby
and your passion for it. In order to avoid any problems or misunderstandings, we have come up with a few guidelines to
provide helpful and practical advice for you when operating on the internet as an identifiable member of the 501st
Legion and its brands. 501st Legion and its brands refers to the 501st Legion, it logos and images, and all subunits
including Garrisons, Outposts, Squads, and Detachments, and their logos and images.

These modern communication methods are changing the way we talk to each other, LFL/Disney and their partners, and
the public at large. It is the intent of this policy to protect not only the Legion, but you, as a trooper/member thereof.

1. Basics
1.1. What is social media?
1.1.1. Blogs, Wikis, Online Social Networks, Forums, Texts, Online Publishing to name a few
1.2. Ensure you are familiar with the Legion Charter and the section on member conduct and expectations
1.3. When you discuss 501st Legion or brand-related matters on the internet, you must identify yourself with your
name and, when relevant, your role at the 501st Legion.
1.3.1. Only very few people in this organization are official spokesperson for the club or its brands. If you are not
one of them, you must make clear that you are speaking for yourself and not for the club.
1.3.2. Use disclaimers like "The postings on this site are my own and do not necessarily represent the position,
strategy or opinions of the 501st Legion and its brands".
1.3.3. Please remember to write in the first person and don't use your 501st Legion TK ID for identification.
1.4. Please consider that even anonymous postings on the Internet have the likely possibility of being traced back to
the 501st Legion. You are personally responsible for content you publish on blogs, wikis or any other form of
user-generated media like Facebook.
1.4.1. Please remember that the internet never forgets. This means everything you publish will be visible to the
world for a very, very long time.
1.4.2. If you are unsure and it is related to the 501st Legion and its brands, talk to your Garrison Commander or
Command Staff, or the 501st Legion PR Officer / Staff.

2. Privacy
2.1. Information, comments, posts made on Legion and or Garrison forums as well as Outpost and Detachment
forums is considered private and for internal, eligible members only.
2.2. Information contained in private Legion/Garrison/Detachment/Outpost Facebook groups is considered private
and for internal, eligible members only.
2.3. Messages from LCS, GCS, OCS, and DCS to all members are not meant for the media or the public.
2.4. While it is acceptable to discuss the 501st Legion and have a dialogue with the community, it is generally not
acceptable to discuss
2.4.1. Upcoming events or promotions before official launch
2.4.2. Events for which you have signed a confidentiality agreement with LFL/Disney or their partners
2.5. Do not comment on 501st Legion-related internal matters to the public (or post where the public can view)
unless you are an official spokesperson, and have the approval by the 501st Legion or its brands to do so.

3. Common sense
3.1. Respect your audience.
3.1.1. Dont use ethnic slurs, personal insults, obscenity, or engage in any conduct that would not be acceptable
on the 501st Legion forums, etc.
3.1.2. Show proper consideration for topics that may be considered objectionable or inflammatory (like religion
or politics).
3.1.3. If you are in a virtual space as a 501st Legion member, please behave accordingly.
3.1.4. The 501st Legion and its brands will not tolerate discrimination or harassment (including, but not limited
to age, sex, race, color, creed, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin,
citizenship, disability, or marital status or any other legally recognized protected basis under federal,
state, or local laws, regulations or ordinances). This includes all forms of communication including email,
forum private messaging services, social media private messaging services, phone service SMS text
messaging, phone calls, or in-person conversations.
3.2. Respect others’ privacy.
3.2.1. Never share personal information about our members, event hosts, LFL/Disney or their partners. Don't cite or reference members, LFL/Disney or their partners or suppliers, event hosts, or venues without their
approval permission.

4. Consequences
4.1. Troopers, handlers, honorary members, recruits, “Emeritus Status” members found in violation of these rules
and guidelines will be subject to disciplinary actions up to and including ejection from the Legion and/or
prevention from joining the Legion.

Attachment III: Trooper Recognition Programs (DRAFT)

Alpine Garrison and its Command Staff recognize the value of every troopers’ commitment to participation in events.
AG treasures the dedication, drive and passion displayed by our troopers. To that end, Alpine Garrison will have in place
several trooper recognition programs, as well as cadet recognition programs. These programs include but are not
limited to:

Trooper of the Month
Cadet of the Month
Emperor’s Award

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