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 Post subject: My new Darth Vader EFX helmet !
PostPosted: Fri May 27, 2016 2:59 pm 
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for anyone looking for a Darth Vader helmet then this is it! This helmet is perfect for trooping! It's very light and very accurate!
cost is $299 plus shipping but I got mine off Ebay so it was a little more. EFX's website is under construction so Ebay is the best place to get them right now.
I don't have a great camera but the pics are not too bad.
So here's my review :
DOME: this was my biggest worry because I knew it would be a two piece construction. It is so well put together you won't know it's two pieces. The dome strip is exactly as it should be, very crisp edges and the correct point at the end. In the previous pictures I had seen the point of the strip looked rounded off too much, that is not the case!

Another concern I had was that this dome would be polished and smoothed out too much, but it's very true to the original. It is not smooth and rounded out and you can see some of the flat areas, and even small imperfections that make it the essential ANH dome. The overall shape of this dome is excellent, It's kind of hard to explain but this dome is the correct shape!

Super crisp details! The brows are pronounced as they should be. The cheeks, teeth, triangle, have very crisp edges. I was really worried that the side tubes would stick out like a sore thumb as they are added on from the inside but they are hardly noticeable and with the dome on it's even less noticeable. I think It's actually a benefit that they are added on separately because they are very round as the should be. Other masks that I have seen are a lot less round due to them being a part of the outer face rather than added on after the rest of the face is sculpted. The nose is painted on rather than an insert like the Rubies. This helmet also have the correct small triangle for ANH.

TUSKS: are metal and one is weathered as it should be.

LENSES: the lenses are a bit wavy when you look through them but are probably the best ones to ever come out of a factory. you could leave them in and have very little problems seeing. They appear to have the correct color as well. Depending on the light they sometimes appear to have a reddish or very light bronze to them. The lenses are secured in with little screws which make them super easy to change if you wanted to change them.

GRILL: the grills are metal and very nicely put in.

STRAPPING: the strapping for the helmet is exactly what you want, Velcro running from side to side and elastic from the top to the Velcro and it's all easily adjustable. It also has clips very cool clips which makes changing out the strapping super easy if you wanted to change it. You will need to add padding before wearing.

PAINT JOB: It is semi to satin finish as it should be. The colors are very nice! It appears to match up quite well with the various armors I seen.

DOME PLACEMENT: This is absolutely stellar! They went to a lot of trouble to make this dome placement correct! And you can put it on yourself and the magnet that is in the face pulls it to the correct spot every time! If you look at the pics you will see that when the face (tusks) are straight up and down the back of the dome and the neck of the face line up to wear they should be.

MATERIALS USED TO MAKE IT: This is not the same plastic you see on the Rubies or any other mask. This type of plastic is strong and it is also super easy to paint, sand and cut (if it was to be transformed into an ESB or ROTJ). Because it was painted from the factory you won't need to sand it down very much if you want to do a repaint. The point on the dome could be sanded off very easily and then polished so it would be super smooth and wouldn't damage the surrounding areas. If you ever tried to paint a Rubies helmet or a Don Post Classic Action you know how difficult it is, not with this type of plastic! It's cake to work with! This type of plastic is also super easy to repair if it's damaged, most any super glue, or epoxy will work on this.

TROOPING: this will be the best trooping helmet ever! It is super light! easy to put on and will last for years of trooping. If your super worried about strength you can sand the inside of the helmet with 400 grit and easily lay down fiberglass for about $30! with out having to repaint any of the outside.

COST: You wont get a better more accurate helmet at this price or twice the price! you can literally get two of these for less than the expensive ones. Modify one and keep the other ANH!

I really can't say enough good things about this. With the correct overall shape of the dome, including the asymmetry we all love and the construction and the ease of which this could be modified to ESB or ROTJ makes it the new go to helmet!!

PAINT UPGRADING: There is a very simple and easy way to upgrade this paint to a brushed metal look. I have done it a few times with various helmets and armor and it looks great! I will try to get a tutorial up soon so you can do it yourself for very very cheap!

THE BEST PART OF THIS HELMET: Is the provenance! It's not a fan sculpt, there's no question of what molds it came from it is the real deal!!
I have been trying to add pics but it won't let me. There is a bunch of pics on the Sith lord detachment though. here's the link
http://forum.501stsithlords.com/index.p ... =11300&hl=

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 Post subject: Re: My new Darth Vader EFX helmet !
PostPosted: Sat May 28, 2016 12:34 pm 
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Good to know! I might be looking for a new helmet soon! Have to go check this one out. Thanks Jeff

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