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 Post subject: Lightsaber Hilts
PostPosted: Sat Jan 07, 2012 10:08 pm 
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Another few pieces from my friend Derek. He just wants to know what a fair price would be for them. I have no frikkin' clue. If he asks me to help list them I'll either start new threads about the Sterling, Han Blasters and the hilts in the Cargo Hold, or I'll ask an admin to move these threads over there. Sorry there's just the one picture. I'll ask him to take more if it'll help.



 Post subject: Re: Lightsaber Hilts
PostPosted: Sun Jan 08, 2012 12:18 pm 
Timberline Garrison
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Reposting the saber portion of my PM here for info sharing purposes :)

Now for the tough part, the saber hilts. Looking at the pic, I can identify most of them. The one on the left is a Vader ROTJ hilt. Then starting at the top and working down: 1)Looks to be a custom hilt; 2)Anakin Ep2; 3)Obi-Wan ANH; 4)Yoda Ep2 or Ep3; 5)Possibly a graflex flash aka Luke ANH/ESB base.

The value of each of these really depends on the origin/maker. Two companies have produced licensed saber hilts: Icons and Master Replicas. Icons sabers have traditionally gone for more $ because of the rarity, but that's changed recently because of the inaccuracies and the fact that they were machined from steel and if not cared for properly, are starting to rust.

So I'll try to break down each one of these, starting with the Vader ROTJ. This must be a fan-produced, non-licensed replica, because neither Icons nor MR ever produced one. From the one pic, it looks pretty decent. If it's made from a real graflex flash like the real prop was, that would increase the value, but it's tough to tell from this angle. If it's a real graflex flash, the tailcap should say "Follmer Graflex Corp" on it. Beyond that, it depends on accuracy and quality. But, I'd give a rough estimate of about $150.00 unless it's a real graflex, then possibly $200 or more.

Next is the custom. No idea. It really doesn't look like a replica of a hilt from the films, so customs usually go for about $100 unless it has electronics in it. The trick is finding someone who wants a custom saber.

Now we come to the Anakin Ep2 saber hilt. This APPEARS to be a Master Replicas FX saber hilt that's been gutted. I say this because of its size. All of the prequel sabers were 1.25" in diameter, making them easier to hold/twirl/etc. The MR FX hilt was oversized to house the electronics and blade. It also looks as if it's missing a grip. If this is an FX hilt that's been gutted, I'd only value it at about $50.00 or so, as it's VERY inaccurate to the filming prop.

Nex is the Obi-Wan ANH saber. This one's tough. It could be an Icons, or it could be a Master Replicas "As First Built" saber... or it could be fan-produced. There have been a number of replicas of this saber produced. However, it has inaccurate coloring (the upper grip etc weren't all black like that) which narrows it down. I'd recommend comparing it with pics and trying to determine the manufacturer. Also, I know the Master Replicas sabers are marked with TM/Copyright etc on the saber, usually on the tailcap. Not sure about Icons.
There are photos of the icons version at http://www.rebelscum.com/iconsobiwansaber.asp

and pics of the MR version at http://www.rebelscum.com/mrobiwananhsaberasbuilt.asp

At worst case, this saber should sell for about $150, but could sell for much more depending on the origin.

Now for the Yoda saber. This APPEARS to be a Master Replicas hilt, but again it's hard to tell from one pic. There have been some great fan-produced versions of this, and the original (non-CG) hilt for the Ep 1 Visual Dictionary was made from a small vintage camera flash from a company called Praco. So it could be a real flash, a fan replica, or an MR. That would really effect pricing. I'd base-price this at about $125, but again if it's a Master Replicas that could be more.

Now for the big mystery... that last hilt that is under the Yoda saber. It really appears to be a Graflex flashgun, which was used to make Luke's ANH and ESB sabers. This could be tricky as there have been some fantastic replicas made. Parksabers actually makes a replica that's accurate down to the "Follmer Graflex" markings on the tailcap, and it even works as a camera flash! In fact, it's very difficult to differentiate between a Parks replica and a real Graflex flash. There are some subtle differences in finish, but that's about it. I'd be really interested in seeing some good pics of this one from different angles. If it's a parks, value is about $150 as that's what he still sells them for. If it's a real graflex, price is easily $200 on ebay and could go to as much as $300 depending on the condition. Keep in mind that real graflex flashes are 60+ years old now, and it's very rare to find one without scratches or some wear-and-tear.

One thing. If any of these are Master Replicas or Icons, they should have had display cases/bases and plaques with them. If he has them, that could bump the price of any one saber up to the $400 range depending on the edition # on the plaque.

If he'd like to take more pics of the saber hilts, I'd be happy to try to help identify them further. I love this stuff and have a lot of fun doing research like this. Have him take pics of any details, the emitter ends, tailcaps, activator areas, etc.

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