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 Post subject: Welcome to the Star Wars Trivia Challenge
PostPosted: Thu Jan 27, 2005 11:08 am 
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Greetings Everyone,

Welcome to the Star Wars Tivia Challenge here on AlpineGarrison.com! This is an automated trivia system that is based on the phpBB quiz mod. I have made a few modifications to the code to allow for the inclusion of images in the questions and additional scoring rules. Because the code is open source, if there are additional features that would be nice to have, please let me know.

First off, let me introduce, Quiz Master Yoda...


This user is simply a persona I created for the QuizBot to use when asking questions. This is not a real user so please don't send any PM's to Quiz Master Yoda. He won't respond. :P

Here's how the game works...

For every correct question answered, the user will receive 3 points. The questions are randomly selected from a pool in the database. The questions must be submitted by system users. To submit a question to the system, click the link at the top of the board labeled "Submit Trivia Questions."

When submitting a question, you must fill in all the required fields marked with an asterisk. If you want to use an image with the question, put the URL of the image including the http:// in the appropriate box. Just make sure that the image doesn't contain a descriptive name in the URL that gives away the answer to the question. You may upload images to the board albums for this purpose.

If you do not want the question to be multiple choice, leave the "Without answer possibilites" option selected. You must then put the answer to the question in the box labeled "Answer*."

If you do want the question to be multiple choice, fill in all four answer boxes with 3 fake answers and one real one. Make sure that the real answer has the radio button selected in front of it.

If you would like to put an explaination about the question/answer, you may do so in the "Answer Explanation" box. This will not be displayed until the question is answered correctly.

After submitting the question, it will be placed in a waiting loop until an admin can review the question and changes can be made as necessary. Once approved by an admin, the question goes into a pool to be randomly selected for the Trivia Challenge. If a question that you submitted is selected, you will recieve 1 point.

Initally, a new question will be asked ONCE A DAY at 12:30pm. Pay attention to the sytem time on the boards. I try to keep it accurate. You can see the system time on the main page of the boards right underneath the Vader helmet. Once we get going on this challenge, if we want to adjust how frequently the system asks questions, we can do that.

Each user has one chance per question to get the correct answer. You may make as many replies in the question thread as you want, but you still only get one shot at the answer. The user who submitted the question and all admins(I.E. Handyman) are not allowed to answer the question.

To answer a question, fill in the answer box and select go or select the multiple choice radio button. You will then be given a chance to make a reply to go along with that answer if you wish. Quiz Master Yoda(remember he's a BOT) will then attempt to check if you got the answer right. If you did, once again, you will receive 3 points to your score.

If for some reason the BOT marks correct an answer that is actually wrong or does not give you credit for a right answer, a moderator may manually mark answers right or wrong.

Please note that users can not create new threads in this forum. Also the editing of previous posts is not allowed in this forum so make sure your responses are good.

Scores... Right now you can view someone's score by going to the user's profile or checking the "Statistics" section to see the top ten users. Since the stats page is slow to generate, I will make a leaderboard feature soon that is displayed at the top of this forum. All scores from the test period have now been reset to ZERO. Remember, there are two ways to score: 3 points for a correct answer and 1 point for submitting a question that gets used. If we need to tweak these point values later on, that's no problem at all.

Any questions? Please let me know in this thread.

Now... Start submitting those trivia questions. The first one will be asked today at 12:30pm!

Enjoy! 8)

Mike Handy

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