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 Post subject: Star Wars: Pathfinder
PostPosted: Tue Sep 29, 2015 9:33 pm 
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(This is a sample of what I'm working on as far as fan fiction.)


Anaxes - Imperial Navy High Command - 3 ABY

"Treason!" a voice shouted, echoing within the metallic halls of Admiral Alucard Pleiades' office. He was the commander of the Seventh Imperial Fleet that worked expeditionary operations in the Tingel Arm. He sat calmly in his chair as he listened to the obnoxious shouting between high ranking imperial naval officers and representatives of the mysterious Imperial Inquisition and Imperial Security Bureau. All had met within his spacious office to discuss the future surrounding one of the Imperial Navy's best starship captains, who was now detained until the matter of his actions could be reached.

"Gentleman please!" Admiral Pleiades voice sounded loudly in an attempt to establish silence over the noise of argument that had dominated his office for far too long. His effort had succeeded as the eyes and ears of the gathered men now looked and listened attentively toward him, as if he had finally come to a decision of what to do on the matter. "Thank you." he said, a small feeling of relief came over him as he closed his eyes and listened to the silence that returned to his office, enjoying it for a moment before he calmly reopened them and looked towards the nearest ISB official.

"Now please, as civilized and as orderly as possible, tell me the details of the situation surrounding one of my subordinates, Captain Akira Sano's actions in the Tingel Arm." the Admiral requested, giving a brief nod to reinforce his words as he listened carefully. A forced look of calmness dawned his face, masking the irritation he felt growing within him. Giving a quick glance to his comrades, the ISB offical returned his look at the Admiral, his face began to sweat, an obvious sign of nervousness. He gave the only answer he could think of, "He's a traitor and a murderer!" he stuttered.

A brief smirk grew on the Admirals face before looking towards the pair of Imperial Marines that guarded the door. One, of which, drew their E-11 blaster and fired with settings on stun. It was no sooner that the ISB official dropped unconsciously to the deck. It was uncertain whether the shot or the sound of a limp unconscious body hitting the cold metallic deck, made the gathered officers realize how serious the Admiral was. Without hesitation, the Marines dragged the body across the floor in parade before throwing him out into the passageway.

Standing from his seat, Admiral Pleiades slammed his hands down on his desk and leaned over with a stern look upon his face. "The future of one of my most decorated star destroyer captains is at risk, so you're going to have to do a lot better than calling him a traitor and a murderer, to convince me. If anyone here has problem doing that, leave now, because I will stun your ass and have you thrown out into the hall! Do I make myself clear?!" his eyes glanced fiercely towards the gazes of the gathered men.

An awkward silence grew within the office as one side of the room pondered for a moment, gathering the details in their thoughts before making their presentation to the Admiral. Usually accusation from the ISB was all you needed to terminate a officer in the Empire, but Admiral Pleiades was quite fond of Captain Sano. They needed to present their case with a little more professionalism. Looking around the room, one finally stepped forward, his uniform neatly pressed, he wore the green insignia of a ISB Field Agent. "Special Agent Beiran Oran, sir. I was aboard the Tempest when the event of Captain Sano's actions played out." the agent said crisply, standing at attention.

Admiral Pleiades eyed the agent, looking him up and down before sitting back in his chair, crossing his hands together as he looked up towards the young man. His hair was blond, neatly combed to one side. His face was clean shaven which brought out the glow in his green eyes. Although young, he had an arrogant look on his face that seemed to exude inexperience and desire for power. The fact he was the first to attempt to explain the situation was the only reason he hadn't been stunned yet. "Alright, Special Agent..err..Oran." said the Admiral, "You may proceed."

Giving a brief nod, Oran held up a datapad and synced the connection to the holoprojector where the image of the Tempests command bridge was displayed. Pressing a key on the screen, it played the recording of the events taken from the ships security cameras, showing what had transpired between the Captain and the Inquisitor. Captain Sano always carried a sword with a curved blade, it was sharpened on one side and had been polished and used by his family for many generations. It had a cortosis weave that gave it its lightsaber deflecting capabilities. However, he's never been seen using it till now. In Admiral Pleiades opinion, the inquisitor picked the wrong man to fight. Sano was an Epicathix from Panatha and a warrior of his people. They were known to be immune to the mind dominating effects of the force, which made them ideal for military service during the purge.

Watching carefully as the hologram played out, Captain Sano was seen arguing with the inquisitor. It was no sooner that the inquisitor drew his lightsaber and was about to deliver a killing blow, when a swift almost unseen movement was made by the captain. His sword was drawn and the entrails of the inquisitors gut had slowly begun to ooze out. "Replay that again and slow it down!" the admiral ordered, rewatching the Captains movements. He had simply drawn his sword in a cutting motion across the inquisitors guts that was too quick for his eyes to fully comprehend the first time.

It was a remarkable site, even for battle hardened imperial officers. Swordsmanship was something the Galaxy rarely saw these days and an art no doubt unappreciated by most. Admiral Pleiades' eyes drifted away from the holorecording, unknowingly a grin of amusement grew on his face as he his thoughts raced elsewhere, pondering the move made by the captain. It came off somewhat disturbing to the officers in the room, who were somewhat put off by the manner in which the inquisitor was killed. To see a man's entrails ooze out was quite savage.

Returning his focus back to the agent and the gathered men, the Admiral looked at each man in the room who waited silently for him to comment. "His actions were obviously in self defense. Imperial Navy protocol supports that the captains actions were in line with the order to uphold the safety of his crew and ship. According to the reports, the inquisitor issued an order that violated the captains priority and when threatened, he defended himself. Nothing in the recording supports the accusations of murder and treason. Am I correct?" his eyes shot around to the men, giving a slight smirk as if triumphant.

"Yes sir." the agent replied, "In Imperial Navy protocol, that is correct. But according to the Imperial Military Mandate, all ships and personnel, once given to the use of the Imperial Inquisition, are thereby commanded to follow the orders of the inquisition regardless of their original procedures. Disobedience to this mandate is considered treason and punishable by death." the agent explained. "Defying, let alone killing an inquisitor is inconceivable alone. You understand what Imperial Mandate requires we do at this moment, sir?"

A long awkward silence filled the room. Even in self defense, questioning the order of the Emepror's Inquisition was treason on the highest level. Upon realizing this, there was nothing Admiral Pleiades could do about it, not on his level of authority. He sighed, slouching in his chair looking down at his hands. "Very well." he said in a disappointed tone, reaching for his own datapad to transfer the Captain over to the ISB. At this point, imprisonment was not an option for the captain. Execution was most likely in order.

Although the Admirals eyes looked downward towards his datapad, he could feel the smug smiles of the inquisition representatives in the room. "Well, whatever you do to him, I hope it's quick." the Admiral said, it was the only thing he could hope for now. "Not if I can help it!" boomed a voice that brought the marines to a snapping attention. It suddenly grew quiet in the room as a shadowy figure stepped through the door and into the light. His crisp white uniform, sleek shinny boots and golden epaulettes were a mark of his rank, a Grand Admiral and on Anaxes of all places.

Admiral Pleiades snapped to attention and soon the rest of the men in the room did also. "Grand Admiral Batch, to what do we owe the pleasure of your visit?" Admiral Pleiades asked, his manner of speech was respectful and a sudden change from how he had been talking with the men in the room, who held no significant importance to him. But a Grand Admiral was different and held massive amounts of power that rivaled even the Moffs. There were rumored only to be twelve of them appointed by the Emperor.

Martio Batch was one of those twelve. Not only had he been a military genius, he was rumored to have destroyed Aeten II with a top secret super weapon. His influence on the Imperial political structure was astounding, although he was known for disliking politics in general and the workings of the Imperial Court, it was not uncommon for him to get involved. It was unlikely for him to just wander somewhere without having some important purpose behind it. His lips were pursed as he looked around the room, observing each man carefully through his piercing blue eyes.

"I have taken the liberty of transferring Captain Sano under my command. He has been pardoned for his crimes." Batch said calmly, flipping a coin into the air before catching it and holding it tightly in hand. His words sparking an uproar of chatter amongst the ISB and Inquisition officials in the room. "Sir, if I ma...." Agent Oran attempted to speak, before being interrupted by a single hand gesture by the Grand Admiral. "No you may not! I believe we've heard enough from you and your colleagues, Agent." the Grand Admiral replied in harshness.

"This is an outrage! Imperial Mandate demands we take Captain Sano into our custody to face the consequences of his actions!" the Agent snapped. "Do not attempt to lecture me on the mandate, Agent! I will not argue with you any further!" But Oran did not stand down, the arrogant punk was about to make the biggest arrest of his career and damned if he would let anyone stand his way. "Under the authority of the Imperial Security Bure..." this time the piercing sound of a blaster shot provided the interruption.

Every eye in the room now looked at the smoldering hole at the center of the Agents chest before he dropped dead, hitting Admiral Pleiades desk, before finding the floor where he laid motionless. Smoke exhausted from the muzzle of one of the Marines E-11 blaster. "Now." the Admiral said calmly, "let me make myself clear here. Whatever you believe your mandates are, whatever protocol you believe you follow, none of that, save the Emperor himself, is greater than my authority. Understood?" the Grand Admirals gaze met the eyes of every man present who nodded their heads in fear.

"Good, now everyone other than Admiral Pleiades leave and be quick about it!" Batch ordered as the men shuffled out of the office into the hall, escorted by the Marines. It was no sooner that the halls erupted in blaster fire as the armored troopers had succeeded in terminating every man who once stood in this office. When the doors swooshed closed, Batch took a seat nearest to the Admirals desk. He could see the sweat of fear grow on the Admirals brow. "Rest easy, Alucard, I'm not going to kill you." he said with a cheerful grin on his face, placing the small coin on the desk.

"We both recognize a good officer, Admiral, which is why I need Captain Sano to oversee a project of mine. You see, the Emperor has assigned me a task that will require my full attention and I am not willing to abandoned certain projects of mine...just yet. I need men trustworthy and with the proper military aptitude to complete the tasks at hand, men like Akira Sano." Batch explained, his eyes looking the Admiral up, studying his features. He was proud and full of experience, having seen much conflict through the clone wars and the Rebellion, no doubt.

"Captain Sano will serve you well, I give you my personal recommendation." Admiral Pleiades assured. "Thank you Admiral, but I am already aware of his qualifications, I was merely making for small talk, buying time, if you catch my drift." Batch explained, a cheeky grin grew on his face. "Sir?" Pleiades gave a look of confusion, but was brushed off by the Grand Admiral. Batch stood, making his way to the cabinet of alcohol in the Admirals office. "Do you know why projectile weapons have been phased out, admiral?" Batch queried as he pored himself a glass of whiskey.

"Energy weapons proved to be more efficient." Pleiades replied promptly, certain in his answer. "Precisely, though I like to believe it's because energy weapons leave no trace. An energy bolt, unlike a bullet, cannot betray you." Batch grinned wolfishly as a blaster bolt pierced through the office window and through the back of Admiral Pleiades head. Batch took a shot of the whiskey, downing it all in one gulp, quivering for moment as the liquid went down hard. He turned to face Admiral Pleiades' now a lifeless corpse that laid over the desk.

"Sorry, my dear Admiral, the Seventh Fleet has surely lost one of its best. Great effort and sacrifices must be made to keep my dealings in the highest tiers of secrecy, surly you understand the workings of politics in the Empire. I did keep my word, Admiral. I didn't kill you." Batch explained, placing the empty glass of whiskey turned over on the desk, right over the coin. As the Grand Admiral left the office, he tapped a button beneath his glove and the coin he had placed had erupted into a great ball of flame that consumed the room.

Chapter One

Boarders Of The Unknown - The Pathfinder - 3 ABY

"Most fascinating." echoed a deep and soothing voice within the crisp, clean halls of The Pathfinders engine bay hyperdrive chamber. Breaking the silence that once was dominant within the spacious area of the newly finished Allegiance-class Super Star Destroyer. Captain Rovus Aloran gazed in awe at the new prototype hyperdrive generator, Marveling at his finished work as his words still echoed within the space. His thoughts raced in wonderment towards the latest tech in hyperdrive engineering. His facial expression, aside from the neatly trimmed mustache and aged features of a man in his fifties, it illuminated with childlike curiosity and interest. Redirecting his gaze, he looked back towards the young, blond haired officer behind him.

"What're the readings, Marcus?" Rovus asked, his arms casually folded as he slanted his posture and shifted his weight to his left leg to allow for a more comfortable stand. "Readings are normal, Sir. She is purring like a nexu, although she won't be fully operational for a week. We're still running the test simulations, but once she's up and running, she should allow us faster travel than any hyperdrive generator ever made." the young officer explained, "and she'll carry us further." He added, reading the numbers on his datapad, double checking his information before adding a brief nod of confirmation to his superior.

Commander Marcus Sven, born to a wealthy and powerful military family on Anaxes, their influence guaranteed the lad of twenty five years, a full commission and advancement to commander. Although young and somewhat naive, he was quite knowledgable on the workings of star destroyer engines and propulsion systems. He showed impressive aptitude on the workings of hyperdrive technology. He was skinny and somewhat slack in his posture, although his facial expressions seemed somewhat plain, he was a handsome lad with some height. His devotion to his work showed his lack of interest for promotion and a social life, but he was sure handy to have around.

Marcus requested to be stationed aboard the Pathfinder for the soul purpose of working on this prototype hyperdrive generator. He got along fairly well with Captain Aloran, the Chief Engineer, who was an emeritus instructor at the imperial academy in hyperdrive theory. Rovus Aloran had overseen the construction of The Pathfinder, being chosen as its chief engineer before the first durasteel beams were put in place. What they were looking at now would be the very thing that a ship of this caliber would depend on. A hyperdrive generator that pushed passed the limits of its predecessors in speed and distance.

The Pathfinder was built different from normal Allegiance-class Destroyers, she was to be for expeditionary operations in the unknown regions, in other words, space exploration. Her Captain was unknown, although much of the crew were either accounted for or en route to space dock on the fringes of the unknown regions. Captain Aloran was the only senior ranking officer aboard the ship for now. Giving a nod of satisfaction upon hearing the report, he returned his gaze to the generator. "As ecstatic as I am of the possibilities of space exploration, these emotions do little to hide the fear that grows within me." the seasoned engineer expressed as his countenance dropped.

Marcus looked up at his superior from his datapad, almost confused by the remarks. "Sir?" he uttered in query, his eye brows raised as his head tilted forward, turning slightly to the left to listen intently from his good ear. His blue eyes studied the older male, hoping he might be able to understand more by some sign from his body language. However, the chief engineer stood calm and collected, his facial expression was the only obvious sign of change in the man's feelings. That look of childlike wonderment was replaced by a look of worry and doubt.

"We've developed the tech to carry us to regions never explored before. It has been the arrogance of galactic powers to engineer and create things because they could, but has anyone ever stopped to think if they should?" It was an odd thing to say, especially in a time where Imperial rule enveloped every crevice of the known galaxy. His words could very much be taken as treason, even if they had some hint of being morally right. Caught up in the excitement of the project, they never stopped to consider the many possibilities that could make this journey fatal to the crew.

Marcus began to think, his eyes now locked on the generator. It's sleek titanium-chromium shell hummed with energy, smooth metallic pipes and wiring connected it to the main reactor and propulsion systems of the ship. For how small it was for its claimed abilities, it was an engineering marvel. Marcus tried to understand the words of his superior, but couldn't bring himself to think of any flaws that would make this generator potentially dangerous for the ship and her crew. He looked over to Captain Rovus.

"In theory, the generator here has the ability to achieve high off the chart levels of speed in hyperspace. It is possible that one could achieve inter-dimensional travel to alternate realities, possibly even time travel or..." he paused for moment, "face possible disintegration into trillions of particles and die an excruciating death. We are embarking on a journey that will ultimately lead us either to a revolutionary marvel of engineering and discovery or our untimely deaths." Rovus explained, a sigh sounded from his lips. His words effected his subordinate and caused him to ponder in silence.

"In theory." the young officer replied, "In theory, yes inter-dimensional travel, even time travel is possible, but why would we risk attempting such dangerous speeds, sir?" Marcus asked, his question causing his superior to turn and smile slightly. "Not us, my dear Marcus, but someone...someone who would exploit the generators full capabilities just because they could." Marcus nodded his head, not so much in agreeing, but more in understanding. "What do we do then, sir?" he asked curiously.

"I suppose only what we can do in our jurisdiction of authority. Whoever is placed in command of the Pathfinder, doesn't need to know everything, only that they have a functioning hyperdrive generator that will carry them where they need to go. We don't need to push this thing to its maximum limit. Are we agreed on this, Marcus?" the young officer nodded his head, "Yes sir." he responded promptly. "Good, good." Rovus murmured, nodding at his subordinate before releasing a final sigh.

"You know...my teacher, Dr. Wesley Quade, had written the equation for this advanced generator. Then, it was only theory and politics, but now in my elder years, I find it's become a reality." a feeling of nostalgia had come over him as he spoke onward of his past. Marcus listened in interest, Dr. Wesley Quade was a genius in the field of hyperdrive theory and his notes had influenced the Imperial manual on engineering and hyperspace, though his whereabouts were a mystery. Some would even believe he was a ghost story. It came as a bit of surprise that Captain Rovus Aloran had known the man in person.

"I had no idea that you were acquainted with the man, sir." Marcus spoke up and for the first time he lowered his datapad to his side. "What was he like?" he asked curiously as he took a step closer to listen attentively to the response. Rovus gave a hard chuckle, "The man was as giddy as child in a toy shop, always rambling on about his theories and then one day...he disappeared. This was before the rise of the new order." Captain Rovus paused, growing silent as the memories of those days played through his head. "The last thing he said to me before he left was, 'Rovi, I've finally done it and I'll prove to the whole Galaxy that I've done it.'"

"I rolled my eyes at him, believing it was another one of his crazy ideas. But then he disappeared, leaving everything behind. His family, his friends and his work. However, he did leave me his equation and the design of his hyperdrive project and ironically, I've become just as obsessed as he was, laboring these many years to get to this point now. I wonder...now that his theory has become reality, what he would say or think..." Captain Rovus stood silently, shaking his head in wonder, forgetting that he had been in a conversation. "Sir." the young Commanders voice called out, breaking the chief engineers focus that he had entranced himself in.

Rovus looked back at Marcus, his ears now listening attentively as he looked the commander in the eye. "If the Dr. had been here, I'm sure he would be quite proud of what you have done here." he said, hoping it would lighten the Captains mood. Rovus smiled as he patted the young officer on the shoulder, "Aye, lad. I hope so." he replied, although he looked back at the hyperdrive generator, unsure if he had helped create a mistake or blessing. "Keep me updat...." Captain Rovus tried to utter before being interrupted by a chorus of loud clanking metals that sounded like a tool kit hitting the deck, echoing through the bay.

Had this been a normal day, the noise would be a common sound in the engineering bay. However, the hyperdrive section of the engine bay was highly off limits to anyone else other than the Chief Engineer and his second. Reaching for the standard issued DL-44 blasters at their sides, Rovus moved ahead of Marcus, towards the direction of the noise. "This area is highly restricted to authorized personnel only, show yourself now!" Rovus' voice echoed in authority. It was at that moment a sharp piercing sound bursted loudly and as soon as its echo died out, Rovus could feel the burning sting of pain jolting inside his abdomen. He had been shot.

Marcus, the young lad, had dropped his data pad and opened fire as the attacker came out of cover, grazing the man's side. Who it was had caused an expression of surprise on Captain Rovus' face. Dropping his weapon, to the deck, the Captain fell to his knees, his hands naturally applied pressure to his wound, clenching his gut. He looked down at the white smoke that oozed through the gaps in his fingers that covered the blast hole. Time seemed to slow around him, he could feel his body begin to fail him. Looking up, he saw Marcus fall lifeless to the deck. Captain Aloran felt his body grow cold, what happened in the moments after, was now shrouded in mystery.

"I am a warrior and will die as I lived, IN GLORIOUS BATTLE!" - The Companion's Proclomation


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